Jensen Palmer’s Mission Log

Regular Pouch Mail (1-US-Stamp):

IMPORTANT: Read ALL instructions before using this address.
This will be one of the best ways to send most letters, as it will only cost you regular US postage. The Church sends along Pouch Mail once a week.

Pouch Mail Instructions:
To prevent possible fines, send only postcards or letters that are 8.5 x 11 single 20-pound paper, folded into three-panels. The top edge of the sheet should be fastened with tape on the top edge only, no closer than one inch to either side. Do not seal the ends. Do not include any other item(s) in the letter such as printed pictures, currency or medication, etc. In the top left corner, write the return address. Affix a stamp in the top right corner. In the middle of the sheet, write:

Elder Jensen Duffy Palmer
Philippines Olongapo Mission
POB 30150
Salt Lake City UT 84130-0150

Envelopes and packages cannot be sent through pouch mail. In order to continue this convenient method, the Church must comply with these regulations or face fines or possible cessation of the service.

(FREE) CLICK HERE FOR:   Jensen’s Regular Missionary

E-Letter Method (Free):

                                            Go to:                            *

Sign up for a free simple account. Then click on the “Select Mission” drop down menu on the Home page. From the drop down menu, select “Philippines Ologapo -- FREE.” Then click on "Write a Letter" and send Jensen a message for Free! Type or cut & paste your letter. Send. Try to get it before Monday to go out in that week’s pouch. You do NOT need to put in your credit card info. Just skip that part and click "Donate later."

You can e-mail him any time. However, he will only be able to read these  once a week when he checks his emails on his Preparation Day.

ATTENTION: While Jensen needs, and appreciates all the supportive mail he can get, please understand that he will not have time to reply to most of it.
This is not a reflection on how he feels about you. Please keep writing.